Healthcare Distribution Company:Redefining a Go-To-Market Approach

The Challenge

Fundamentally, the healthcare business model has changed. Facing a massive reimbursement gap, the industry is grasping at straws to extract costs out of the system. We were approached by a large healthcare supply distributor to transform their go-to-market approach; better aligning it with their strategic vision in order to position them as the partner of choice by:

  • Elevating the company’s perception in the market and creating a real point of difference, taking them out of the commoditization race they are currently fighting.
  • Becoming a thought leader in the eyes of their customers by driving a future-focused conversation around end-to-end supply chain transformation.

The Change

  • From our research, we identified that our client’s strategic vision was not consistently landing across their customer base. Numerous activities undermined efforts to elevate from transactional conversations to more holistic, strategic ones.
  • We developed pilots to test targeted sales and thought leadership tactics, building confidence in the organization’s ability to lead a different conversation with customers.


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Leveraging Human Capital
Future Proofing You and Your Business