Large Retailer:Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand Redesign

The Challenge

The increasingly challenging retail environment, coupled with the intensifying war for talent led a large US retailer on a search for a defendable and strategically aligned Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand.

The Solution

  • Conducted an internal and external discovery process to understand the current state for employer branding and the employee value proposition
  • Initiated a comprehensive strategic review to determine what an ideal employer brand and EVP would look like
  • Developed a pilot concept and conducted and tested in the market for resonance and believability
  • Developed the new brand positioning and associated collateral
  • Defined a new recruitment process aligned with the new positioning and EVP
  • Developed an IT roadmap to deliver onboarding and ongoing training to a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Engaged and trained managers around the new approach and EVP


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