Business Growth Solutions Business Growth Solutions Business Growth Solutions

We tackle higher order problems and catalyze businesses to grow and thrive in the face of change and disruption. Working with some of the fastest growing and most consistently innovative organizations we’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t work. We leverage insights gained and customize strategies for your most pressing challenges. Using our proven approaches, we catalyze growth into the DNA of the organization by:

  • Catalyzing Strategy
  • Catalyzing Leaders
  • Catalyzing Organizations
  • Catalyzing Markets
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Community Investment Solutions Community Investment Solutions Community Investment Solutions

We increase the business value and corporate social impact of your community investments through strategic alignment, branded programing, and evaluation and measurement. In many ways societal impact is achieved through changing human behavior. Our unique behavior change model underpins all of our interventions, with our focus on creating a positive impact on the world.

  • Strategy and Alignment
  • Design and Development
  • Delivery and Execution
  • Evaluation and Social Impact Analysis
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Thought Leadership Experiences Thought Leadership Experiences Thought Leadership Experiences

Catalytic experiences which will inspire your leaders to take more intelligent risks in the face of change, and help you to move your business and community strategy to the edge of disruption.

  • Conference Keynote Speaking and Workshops
  • Strategy Development Workshops
  • Problem Solving and Ideation
  • Custom Capability Development
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Move beyond the competition, create more value and become the obvious choice. - By Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson, Ph.D.


A Guide to Strategic Alignment and Shared Value in Developing Countries

There is a wonderful step-by-step walkthrough to some case studies, models and approaches to strategic community investment that is particularly relevant to anyone who operates in developing countries.


Strategic Alignment in Community Investment

Everyone is talking about strategic alignment… but alignment to what? In my experience, people are a little lazy in throwing around a term like ‘strategic alignment’.


In Defense of Philanthropy

“Chequebook philanthropy” is everyone’s favourite whipping dog, right about now. And in some ways, we at Karrikins are drivers of that particular bandwagon, as vocal proponents of strategically aligned, shared value creating community investment.