Strategy and Alignment Strategy and Alignment Strategy and Alignment

We build our clients credibility by positioning them as strategic partners and trusted advisers. Our experience shows that a well-designed community investment strategy enables optimal corporate social impact, while being authentic to your brand and value proposition.

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Design and Development Design and Development Design and Development

The social impact and business value of a community strategy can never exceed the quality of the portfolio.  The gap between strategy and impact is designing the perfect portfolio and programs. 

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Delivery and Execution Delivery and Execution Delivery and Execution

Karrikins Group runs some of the largest and most lauded community programs in the world. Whether it be face-to-face educational interventions, innovative technology platforms, or inspired community partnerships, our in-house team will collaborate with you to execute your strategy through customized design, development and delivery.

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Evaluation and Impact Analysis Evaluation and Impact Analysis Evaluation and Impact Analysis

At Karrikins Group, we reach over 700,000 people each year for leading international clients and corporations. We know first-hand that there is a growing focus on the importance of measuring both business value and social impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR), shared value and community programs.

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Move beyond the competition, create more value and become the obvious choice. - By Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson, Ph.D.


A Guide to Strategic Alignment and Shared Value in Developing Countries

There is a wonderful step-by-step walkthrough to some case studies, models and approaches to strategic community investment that is particularly relevant to anyone who operates in developing countries.


In Defense of Philanthropy

“Chequebook philanthropy” is everyone’s favourite whipping dog, right about now. And in some ways, we at Karrikins are drivers of that particular bandwagon, as vocal proponents of strategically aligned, shared value creating community investment.


The Measurement Gap

I’m always stunned how few organisations are able to quantify the business and social impact of their community investment. Billions of corporate dollars flow into the community every year, and yet understanding what got done, and who benefited, is often challenging.


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