Strategy Strategy Strategy

What should you stand for and do? 

We develop strategies that maximise the impact of your community investments and drive your core organisational objectives. 

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Development and Implementation Development and Implementation Development and Implementation

Build something remarkable, and deliver it beautifully.

We create and deliver behaviourally-focused, immersive experiences that bring your strategy to life


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Insights Insights Insights

Lead from the front through insights and thought leadership.

We research and deliver insights to inform your ongoing strategy and position your organisation as a recognised thought leader. 

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Measurement and Storytelling Measurement and Storytelling Measurement and Storytelling

Evaluate what works and has value, and communicate it with the world. 

We help you identify, measure, and report on the ROI of your initiatives, the change you are driving, and your social impact, amplifying your voice in the social impact conversation. 

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Move beyond the competition, create more value and become the obvious choice. - By Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson, Ph.D.


A Guide to Strategic Alignment and Shared Value in Developing Countries

There is a wonderful step-by-step walkthrough to some case studies, models and approaches to strategic community investment that is particularly relevant to anyone who operates in developing countries.


In Defense of Philanthropy

“Chequebook philanthropy” is everyone’s favourite whipping dog, right about now. And in some ways, we at Karrikins are drivers of that particular bandwagon, as vocal proponents of strategically aligned, shared value creating community investment.


The Measurement Gap

I’m always stunned how few organisations are able to quantify the business and social impact of their community investment. Billions of corporate dollars flow into the community every year, and yet understanding what got done, and who benefited, is often challenging.