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Prime & Define
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Align & Activate
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Embed & Evolve
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The path towards accelerated transformation begins with clarity, behavior change, and accountability.

“This work is so powerful for our organization. As we get better alignment on the leadership team, we are able to better leverage the talent on the team more effectively.”  

Fortune 500 Company

Step 1

Prime & Define


Clarity requires tough conversations across leadership teams to surface tensions, beliefs, assumptions, and narratives. This work will take your team through the hard work of naming what’s getting in the way and getting clear on how you want to lead.

Step 2

Align & Activate

Behavior Change: Executives

Once clarity is established, we work with leaders individually and as a team to identify behaviors, habits, and decision making that needs to change to align and deliver on your Leadership Aspiration.

Step 3

Align & Activate

Behavior Change: Organizational

We then shift our focus from the Executive Leadership Team towards the greater organization, harnessing the collective power of the business to advance the Journey.

Step 4

Embed & Evolve


Alignment is a discipline. Over time, you will embed your aspiration and new behaviors deeper in the organization, modeling the way for others to build the discipline of moving past agreement and into alignment.