In this work, we focus on building the capability of alignment with your Executive Leadership Team.
Our work reveals the deeply embedded habits, routines and patterns that
leaders follow in their decision making and ways of working.



We define the structural and behavioral aspects
of setting and leading transformative direction.
In this work, we introduce and pilot
governance methods to solicit
Executive Leadership Team
feedback and refine processes.


These processes and tools may include:
- Decision-Making approaches
- Prioritization/Deselection methods
- Aspiration Alignment 


Our leadership activation is 1:1 with the CEO
and Executive Leadership Team. 


It uses a combination of coaching, facilitation,
and consulting to provide visibility, support, and
consistency around how leaders
are showing up and delivering.


This creates behavior change by making
visible the deeply embedded habits, routines,
and patterns that leaders follow in their
decision making and ways of working.



‚ÄčSessions are designed to build clarity, accountability, 
and alignment across the broader leadership team.


These sessions are both a forum for the
Executive Leadership Team to share its Aspiration and Commitments,
and for the next layer of leadership to start internalizing
and working through the implications of the transformation.


In parallel with the Executive Leadership Team work, we focus on engaging the broader
organization to reinforce accountability and build momentum.
We help leaders to cascade this work, align initiatives, and adapt culture.



By providing behavioral expectations to support culture,
this work focuses on creating meaning, shared language,
and the ability to measure where we are and
how we are doing in relationship to the broader organization.


Coming out of this work, we deliver Defined Cultural Operating Principles
and Observable Behaviors to align to the Leadership Aspiration.




Thrive Sessions catalyze top leaders of the
organization to align their behaviors to the defined culture
and create a ripple effect in the organization.


The sessions provide a culture onboarding experience
and help leaders identify areas of cultural misalignment.


People throughout the organization develop
a shared understanding and common language of the culture,
including what it means to them personally.