Lack of measurement limiting the strategic value of corporate social responsibility: report

Lack of measurement limiting the strategic value of corporate social responsibility: reportCommunity investment, shared value and corporate responsibility may be rising in popularity, yet Australian organisations are spending millions on initiatives whose impact they can’t – or simply don’t – measure. Includes new whitepaper report by Dom Thurbon. 



FL!PThe thinking that has made us successful to date will not in the future; in many cases, it will hinder us. The expectations of customers and staff are changing rapidly and leaders need to keep pace. Fl!p will show them how. Emphasizing a new philosophy for leadership, Fl!p will offer a counterintuitive approach to innovation and change, and inspire leaders to take the intelligent risks required to find and exploit new value in the coming years.


Generation Y

Generation YPeter Sheahan and the Karrikins Group work with hundreds of thousands of members of Generation Y and Generation Z every year. It is this real world experience that Peter draws upon in this groundbreaking book on Gen Y. You cannot change a group of people you don’t understand. This book addresses that gap. This international bestseller is referred to as the "Bible" for understanding this influential generation.



MAKING IT HAPPENThe world is not short of ideas, but it is short of people who know how to carry them out. Making It Happen unravels the process of taking a good idea and turning it into a successful venture. Peter Sheahan guides the reader through the five competencies that will enable you understand and utilize the forces that drive buyers’ behavior, break through mental barriers and effectively position your offer in the market. Whether you are looking to start a business, get promoted or launch a social movement, this book will streamline your thinking so you can finally turn your good ideas into great results.



MATTERMove beyond the competition, create more value and become the obvious choice. - By Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson, Ph.D.


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