Trends and Disruptions in Healthcare on Voices in Healthcare Finance

HFMA interviews three innovators about trends and disruption in Healthcare.

Go to the 24:16 minute mark of the podcast to hear Lisa Towers, managing editor of digital content and specialty publishing, talk with Dr. Julie Williamson, chief growth enabler for Karrikins Group, about the growth and potential for telemedicine, not only in the United States, but around the world.

Additionally, in the full podcast, sponsored by ClearBalance, Nick Hut, managing editor of Leadership, interviews Suzanne DelBanco, executive director of Catalyst for Payment Reform, about value-based care delivery and payment. Senior Editor Betty Hintch interviews Brett Feldman, a physician assistant and director of Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Street Medicine program, which assists the local homeless population with medical coverage in the Allentown, Pa., area.

Check out the full interview here: